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Analyzing Data

Business Affairs Management

Investment Chart

Economic Studies

Development Consolidation Studies 


Business Research




Industrial Projects

Investment Chart

Specialized Marketing

Chemical works

Chemical studies

Chemical- Industrial- Energy-Environmental-

Materials & Technology / Critical Materials Studies

Waste & Recovery

Engineering Class

Student Liaison Service

Analyzing Data

Business Interconnection


Agencies - Research Projects

Accessible Workspace

Program Inclusion Evaluation Service


Funding -  Professional Design

Business Meeting

Patent Counsel

Patent registration

-Business Affairs Management

-Economic Studies

-Development Consolidation Studies & Business Research

-Engineering & Industrial Projects

-Studies Chemical- Chemical-Technical- Industrial- Energy-Environmental-Materials & of Technology / Studies of Critical Materials - Waste & Recovery

- Specialized Marketing

-Business Interface & Agencies - Research Projects

-Student Liaison Service

- Program Inclusion Evaluation Service & Funding -  Professional Design

-Patent Consultant - Patent Registration

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