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Strategic and Operational Planning

  • Strategic - Business Plans
    Developing a strategic business plan with appropriate alternative scenarios helps achieve goals and gain a comparative advantage over your competitors.

  • ​Business Performance Systems (Balanced Scorecard) The introduction of a system for measuring performance indicators effectively contributes to the faster and more efficient implementation of your goals. The Balanced Scorecard methodology enables you to evaluate alternative strategic scenarios, set operational and financial goals and properly allocate available resources. 

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  • Company Valuations Through reliable methods, the commercial value of a company is determined, which, in addition to the accounting value, also includes its goodwill (goodwill). It is considered an essential tool in cases of sale of part or all of a company's shares, participation of a strategic investor or merger/absorption. 

  • Acquisitions & Mergers - Mediations
    Our company investigates the feasibility of an acquisition / merger, undertakes the organization and supervision of the entire process and prepares the business due diligence. In addition, it undertakes the identification of both buyers and companies to be acquired and carries out the relevant mediation. 

  • Sustainability Studies & Financial Restructuring The ability of a company to continue its activity is investigated, meeting its short-term and long-term obligations. 

  • Economic Studies
    The feasibility of an investment is examined, both from a commercial and financial point of view. The purpose of the study is to help make the right decision for the implementation or not of the investment.
    In addition, depending on the client's needs, business siting and property utilization studies, as well as regional development studies, are prepared.

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