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Your Sustainable Business Development

Your partner in the sustainable evolution of your organization towards growth ensuring your least exposure to environmental, energy, business, ethical, and social risks.


In terms of sustainability, we support the strengthening or evolution of your organization


Your organization's growth relies on resilience and prosperity


Continuous recording is the resource for awareness of the present situation and preparation for development

V - Lysis is an innovative consulting company in sustainability applications and services.

Our services include, carbon footprint models and studies, decarbonization studies and applications,

environmental-society-governance (ESG) indicator studies and reports, development of renewable energy, circular economy applications, critical material utilization and recovery studies and reuse models.

OUR VISION is the prevention of Climate Change and the Circular Economy through the utilization of modern technology on a blue and green background.

OUR PEOPLE are progressive minds, specialized engineers with knowledge of the environment and energy market, technology enthusiasts who wish to shape a greener and blue-sky future.

The prevention ofClimate Changeand the Circular

Economy through Theutilization of modern technology on a blue andgreen background are ours mainstream objective.

Specialized services

We offer turn key solutions in ESG reporting.

We can help organizations address sustainability issues, investors
concerns, support ESG reporting and disclosures, and finally improve ESG performance.


Waste management Studies

Waste management Studies are the key steps for the green critical materials transition that make any organization sustainable and resilient.

We have strong expertise in exploiting innovative methods with high feasibility for critical raw materials and waste management.

To whom we address:


A. Local Government Organizations

Public Law Legal Entity

Private Law Legal Entity
B. Port Organizations & Port Funds
C. Industry
D. Tourism


ISO 14000

The ISO 14000 environmental management system is an evolving general set of standards developed to provide businesses with the structure to manage environmental impacts and disciplines.

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