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Engineering Projects

V-engineering established in 2018


We focus on Industry services, in Materials Sourcing, Quality, Research and Development, Environmental Processes and product developments. We are highly regarded for our commitment to high quality service.

Our members' extensive experience in both manufacturing and marketing enables us to produce effective and efficient solutions for our customers.As a result,V-engineering has an excellent reputation in the market as a partner for our clients as well as a strategic partner.

Our clearly defined values  they support our actions and thinking. These values shape our culture, processes and systems. They also drive our innovation: customer-centric with a sustainable contribution to society.


if we make a promise or commitment we keep our promises.


We feel connected to our relationships, our colleagues and we identify with our services. We are proud of 



Successful deal with other people. We believe that sharing knowledge and ideas with our customers and colleagues leads to growth.


We feel responsible for doing our jobs.

Our services and products are one hundred percent guaranteed that we don't settle for anything less.


we constantly strive to achieve tangible results for our clients.

Satisfied customers are our goal.

Investing in sustainability and innovation

InVLysis, we value close relationships with our customers. We see these relationships as a competitive advantage, providing you with a unique understanding of your usage and future service needs.

Today, we face a growing demand for sustainable raw materials and products. We consider it our challenge to meet this demand and find innovative solutions. This is reflected in the long-term partnerships with large companies.


Quality is a standard for us and it is of utmost importance for us to be competitive in the market. Therefore, we are not only ISO certified, but also comply with relevant European environmental legislation for products and services.

Core values

Trees From Above

The goal is to continue to improve the quality of our services. We provide our customers with quality benefits, efficiency, cost reduction and performance improvement closely linked to sustainability.

Innovation is a constant value in VLysis and the way we do business.

This ensures that we are constantly expanding our range of services to meet new needs.


Sustainability has an important place in our business culture and processes. We work with energy efficient services. Our goal is to continuously reduce water and energy consumption. Reducing CO2 emissions is high on our agenda.

Environmental, health and safety guidelines

We believe it is our social responsibility to be a good company. Taking care of the safety of people and taking care of the environment is of utmost importance.


In this regard, we feel bound to act and behave according to the highest ethical and legal standards. In our commitment to continuous improvement, we encourage our employees to grow both personally and professionally. This really pays off in the growth of our company.

Quality & Compliance

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